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A US-based fashion designer/kimono stylist, Hiromi Asai, with a leading association of kimono artisans in Kyoto, Japan, Kimono Artisan Kyoto, creates new fashion for the world market using authentic Kimono outfits.


Kimono is originally a Japanese garment with many unique features: form, motif, design, fabrics, and accessories. Kimono has a long history — more than 1,000 years — in Japan, yet in its native Japan the art of kimono creation is on the verge of crisis. Reduction of kimono market, aging of artisans, and lack of their successors are slowly fading the once vibrant art.


Now We believe that Kimono is recognized as a universal formal wear that is beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries. We will provide authentic Kimono outfits with the highest qualities, manufactured by hand.

People who see our collection will rediscover and wonder that "old-fashioned" Kimono is really a "modern" dress with huge capacity of variation.

Hiromi Asai

Hiromi Asai is New York based internationally acclaimed fashion designer and kimono stylist, to work for fashion magazines and advertisements. She produced many kimono fashion shows at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and The Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, and in New York, as well as in Florida. She also founded a non-profit organization, Kimono Hiro Inc. to promote Kimono Fashion to the world market. In addition, she designs and creates the dress using the traditional Japanese hand-made kimono fabrics.





Exhibition Magazine, 2014

Vogue Germany, 2012

i-D Magazine (UK), 2012



Verizon Wireless, 2009

KDDI America, 2010



Film "Geisha Song" for Laurie Simmons, 2011

Photo Series "The Love Doll Day 32-36" for Laurie Simmons, 2011


Fashion Show

"Wheel of Life" at Museum of Discovery and Science, 2015

"Emerge from Pupa" at Miami Beach Botanical Garden, 2015

Hiromi Asai Collection at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend SS 2012

Kimono Demonstration at Van Gogh Museum, 2011

Kimono Catwalk at Museum of World Culture, 2011

New York Fashion Week FW 2011 w/ Susan Cianciolo


Fashion Styling

TV program for FCI, 2016

TV program for NHK / TV Japan, 2013

Shiseido Cosmetics America, 2012

NARS Cosmetics, 2011

Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, 2011

TV program for Nippon Television Network, 2011

Honorable Mention of International Photography Awards, 2010

CHIC Today, 2010


Lecture & Demonstration

Florida International University, 2015

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, 2014

Japan Society (New York), 2011

William Paterson University, 2011

Rotary Club of Wall Street, 2010

Memorial Art Gallery, 2010

The Textile Museum, 2009



Hiromi Asai Brand Logo

Kimono Artisan Kyoto

Kimono Artisan Kyoto, a Japanese non-profit organization, is a leading association of kimono textile artisans in Kyoto, who use the most prominent age-old techniques in Japan. Members of this association can cooperate to provide all kimono outfits by themselves. Some remembers and workshops were founded more than 100 years ago. Kimono Artisan Kyoto acts internationally for the future of kimono and kimono artisans and creates the highest quality of kimono in Japan.


                                 Attending Members


  •  Fujii-shibori - Kyō-kanoko-shibori tie-dyeing, President
  •  Muromachi-Kyosho - Kyō-yūzen dyeing, Vise-president
  •  Tachibana - Surigata-yūzen dyeing
  •  Nariken-Kobo - Kyō-yūzen dyeing
  •  Murayama Shishu - Kyō-nui embroidery
  •  Mutsuro - Tsujigahana tie-dyeing
  •  Shiko - Nishijin-ori brocade
  •  Shojyu-en - handcraft dyeing  and weaving
  •  Fuji-Kobo - Japanese tailoring
  •  Asaimi  - Jyuban undergarment and lining materials
  •  Wakomono-SACRA - Japanese kimono accessories, bags, shoes
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